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The concept that Kap was removed from Madden NFL 21
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Dołączył: 09 Lip 2020
Posty: 3
Wysłany: 2020-07-11, 03:30   The concept that Kap was removed from Madden NFL 21

Nobody noticed, or anyone who did detect didn't bring this up from'18. When it was brought up about'19, it was fixed. Yeah, they have sued for licensing issues, to me that would make it seem obvious that they'd be Mut 20 coins too cautious about using participant likenesses and references with no rights. If you could elaborate that will help, I'm not certain what you're implying by bringing up that. They are not sorry about making the error. They were sorry that they have caught and known for cooperating with all the NFL on blackballing Kap.

The concept that Kap was removed from Madden NFL 21 out of an abundance of caution flies from the face of the truth that EA was actively and intentionally engaged in including the likeness of players that had been licensed to them. In the end, EA gives 0 fucks regarding the protests or the passing of George Floyd (which they conveniently left in their platitude stuffed press release). They just didnt need because they would not receive any attention, to share the spotlight with protests. They're welcome to make this decision. However, to couch it as if they have ANY concern for lives that are black and brown is a disgraceful pitiful and, frankly misappropriation of other people's tragedies.

Why would they even choose to include if they had been actively trying to blackball him songs that cite Kaepernick? If you can answer this, or offer a good example of these"actively and deliberately engaged in such as the likeness of other players who had not been licensed to them" then I'd see that side of this. Otherwise we are assuming the worst based off nothing. Ive linked the litigation at one of the posts with former NFL players you've reacted to. Regarding the song query, I have the same question.

And I answered that I thought that reinforces the argument when you think about the chronology, that they censored it out of caution. In the event that you had any other examples that occurred after or during'18, it would highlight the discrepancy. At the moment it just looks like a cause and consequence, instead of a one-off deviation. Remember Kaepernick also resisted the NFL before this. So you have EA and a participant who sued the NFL, censoring his title from caution makes a whole lot of logical sense. Censoring his title does not make as much sense.

The concept that they were more careful with Kap because of the lawsuit makes sense since the Kap episode happened 7 months with the retired players before their settlement. During those 7 months, EA's attorneys continued to insist that reference players was appropriate. Not like anybody's losing sleep over a (probably) cinematic trailer boosting a game that'll just be precisely the cheap Madden nfl 20 coins same as last year's. Comes off since EA trying to get people to forget that they recently renewed basically an entire monopoly on NFL Madden NFL that majorly pissed off sports game lovers.
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