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Doctors point 4 risk warning signs to be "cataracts&quo
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Wysłany: 2020-06-29, 10:14   Doctors point 4 risk warning signs to be "cataracts&quo

Many people cannot deny that "vision" is important in life. In addition to allowing us to use our daily lives as usual Still allows us to see the face of the person we love Saw the world wide Read a book Traveled on their own without being burdened with anyone Many people are afraid to lose sight. Many people are scared if they are in a dark world. Therefore, taking good care of your "eyes" is important because "eyes" are delicate organs. And if it has been lost, it cannot be restored.
"Cataracts" are the number one cause of blindness. In which the person has this disease, there will be opacity lens And the main symptom is blurred vision, blurry vision Blurred vision There are many types of vision problems. But most of the time, various symptoms Will be gradual Takes months or maybe years When there are more symptoms, it results in the patient not being able to continue their normal daily lives. In which this Female Dr. Pornrak Sriphon (Eye Specialist) In cataract, glaucoma and retinal surgery Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital, a hospital in the Prince Healthcare Group will provide interesting information. How to observe the symptoms And warning signs of cataracts Including treatment methods to come together
Causes of cataracts
The cause of cataracts comes from Older Especially in people older than 50 years of age are at increased risk of developing cataracts Including those who use steroid drugs (Steroid). The groups that are likely to receive this group of patients with allergies, autoimmune diseases. Or SLE Disease (SLE). In addition, people who take decoction, herbal medicine pot which may contain steroids. Getting an eye accident And exposure to ultraviolet (UV), these are all causes of cataracts altogether.

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