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TAT Phang Nga Jaidee give away 500 baht free for dine in the
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Wysłany: 2020-06-25, 10:44   TAT Phang Nga Jaidee give away 500 baht free for dine in the

Isra Atirak, General Manager of Devasom Khaolak Resort, Takua Pa District, Phang Nga Province revealed that over the past weekend The hotel has started to provide services and received good feedback from Thai tourists traveling from all parts of the country. And found that the number of hotel rooms booked during the holidays, especially Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, is continually increasing After the government has relaxed measures in many areas
By the Devasom Hotel Is the 6th hotel in the country that meets the SHA standards for safety and health services. Which is creating a new norm in Thai tourism Under the cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports And the Ministry of Public Health In addition, additional sanitation and hygiene has been added. To increase security for guests As for the acceleration of the business opening for customers to stay this time Regarded as the first place in Khao Lak tourist attraction And to drive the country's economy Causing employees to return to work Ready to be able to return to normal life in the form of New Normal, therefore would like to invite Thai tourists to rest And experience the unique atmosphere of the sea of Phang Nga province

Good news. Follow here. >>> เกมยิงปลา
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