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How to cope with morning sickness in a new mother
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Dołączył: 06 Gru 2020
Posty: 27
  Wysłany: 2021-02-23, 10:47   How to cope with morning sickness in a new mother

For the new mom It is common to have morning sickness. Feeling of food stinks Or have nausea Vomiting occurs Of course, these symptoms are symptoms that make the mother a lot of suffering. Especially if they are in a mild pregnancy, which some people have morning sickness, can almost say that they are vomiting most of the time. Sometimes playing with her mother is quite exhausted. But however Various symptoms of these people, it can be alleviated. If you follow the instructions below

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1. If you feel that you have morning sickness Drink plenty of water, but don't drink it while you're eating or drinking right after you've eaten. But should drink about half an hour before or after a meal. And to avoid the symptoms of dehydration that have to be lost from vomiting. It should sip water frequently throughout the day, another way to help the stomach improve. That is, slice the young ginger into thin slices and take it to soak in hot water and sip continuously, it will help nausea. Vomiting can be reduced

2. Smell is another reason why the stomach feels upset stomach. When to start cooking Mothers should either turn on the scent fan or open the window wide, and the pregnant person is less likely to vomit when food is in her stomach. Therefore, it is best to try to eat so that your stomach does not go empty even if you don't feel hungry. In addition, mothers may not be able to eat much if the meals are normally divided into main meals, so it is better to divide them into smaller meals instead.

3. Meats such as beef or pork can cause more morning sickness. Therefore may be replaced with fish meat or boiled eggs instead

4. Spicy food, whether it is very spicy or heavy food spices When ingested, it may develop colic, tight chest in the chest. Therefore should be avoided

5. Have a high-protein snack or snack nearby, such as nuts or soy snacks. Because when you feel hungry So that you can grab and eat easily

In order not to empty the stomach for too long until morning sickness Before your mother goes to bed at night, pick up one or two pieces of unsalted bread or whole grain biscuits and your symptoms will improve. Or not before going to bed, drink a warm drink, it will help you sleep better. And so as not to cause dizziness Because of an empty stomach after waking up It is better to place crackers or drinks nearby. In order to eat right before you get out of bed.
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