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- The majority of Canadian businesses prefer what is known as a capital lease, aka ' lease to own ' , The industry sometimes makes this a bit confusing as other terms with this transaction include ' financial lease ' , ' full payout lease' and ' finance lease '

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- In the discussion on monetary policy for the ahead the members reached a collective decision that it was appropriate to take care of the current accommodative stance

- The target rate agreed upon for federal funds rate was 0 to 0

- 25 percent also to continue this program of extending the normal maturity in the federal reserve's holdings of securities as announced last September, and also to support the existing policies about the reinvestment of principal payments from Federal Reserve holdings of securities

- Revising the significance proposition involves clearly understanding what it is that you simply represent to customers that they value, and reinforcing it

- Clearly, customers are very value-focused at this time, and are probably be for a while, so price points has to be sharp

- But for most small retailers, the worthiness proposition extends far beyond prices or merchandise assortments

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