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Phu Kad has been visited by Satun in Satun province.
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Dołączyła: 29 Kwi 2020
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Wysłany: 2020-06-23, 05:12   Phu Kad has been visited by Satun in Satun province.

Tourism situation after unlocking phase 4 causes people to come and travel in different places, especially natural tourist places that are closer to home and prefer to travel within the province rather than outside the province because Satun Province itself is not infected, so it is popular to travel within the province. Many tourist attractions are busy during the Saturday-Sunday holidays. Especially along various hills It is popular to breathe in fresh air and watch the morning mist. Make tourist attractions Many of the viewpoints that view the sea of mist in Satun are very popular and there are new ways of traveling. Especially at Phu Kadon Ban Hua Kuan area, Village No. 8, Khuan Sat Sub-district, Khuan Don District, Satun Province is an area that the village, together with the Khuan Sor Sub-district Administration Office, have developed to be a new tourist attraction in the area. In which Phu Kradon can see the sea of mist at 3 points, which is the first point, about 300 meters distance, between the path through rubber and fruit plantations It takes about 20 minutes to set up a tent. You can see the sea of mist by seeing the view of the mountains in the district of Kuan Don, with the Sankala Kiri mountain which separates the border between Thailand and Malaysia. It is a wide angle view of white mist flowing beautifully in waves. Can see the beautiful sunrise as well. At this point and is a place where tourists can sit and drink coffee in the morning Or have breakfast in this community way Most of them come to eat after seeing the sea of fog. The second point is the Phu Kadon viewpoint. Which is about 130 meters above sea level. The said area is shady trees. There is a viewpoint that can take beautiful pictures. The front of the fog is beautiful, full of sea fog. And if there is no fog on the day, can see the atmosphere of the rice field The community in the district of Kuan Don has an eye and 1 point away from the second point about 100 meters is another place for tent camping where tourists can see the beautiful mist as well. The special feature of Phu Kadon is that there is a mist to see. Even at 8 o'clock in the morning, you can see the mist. Different from other places, if you see the sea of mist, must visit during the morning only

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