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Receive web board posts, promote website, increase sales
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Dołączył: 10 Kwi 2020
Posty: 40
Wysłany: 2020-05-25, 09:48   Receive web board posts, promote website, increase sales

Why use our web board post service?

To perform throughout the online It is probably well known. That posting on various websites Is one factor in increasing sales.
In which the post is not tattoo but will accept work and post like We, an SEO expert, will help us look at all of our clients' articles in accordance with Google's current algorithm, such as the amount of keywords contained in the article. See Backlink. To prevent over SEO occurrences etc.
What are various web posts?
The website that our team chose is a general website. By our selection method, think of factors that affect Google ranking such as DA PA etc. In other words, we have already selected the number of announcement sites. Which we now have about 400+ websites

Most of them are websites that are actually used by people and people come to see every day. People post every day. There are various groups of web forums such as cameras, photographic equipment, education, sports, games, toys, antiques, collectibles, computers, electronics, musical instruments, trees, pets, travel, accommodation, businesses, watches, entertainment, music, furniture, fashion, clothes, mobile phones, communication equipment, mother and child, cars, vehicles, art Handicrafts, souvenirs, beauties, health, books, real estate, food, industry, machinery, office equipment, many more agriculture

Receive web board posts.

What are the benefits of online marketing through web board posting, product posting?
- Make our customers or User groups more familiar with our brand.
- Increase sales opportunities, increase sales
- High chances of being addicted to Google

The website promoting the website will have 2 groups which are

1. Focus on posts to increase sales.

In which this group will focus on recording multiple websites To promote the website and increase sales With the cost of posting products as follows

500 baht = 250+ websites focusing on sales and increasing sales

2. Focus on SEO
For those who want to focus on SEO, we have put together this particular group of websites for you as well. Our team will gradually post the website. We recommend posting at least 1 week or posting products for you until the entire website we have Focusing on the ranking of google search rankings is better and better.

Cost 500 baht = less than 250 websites for those who want to focus on SEO.

What you need to send information to us

- Prepare 1-3 keywords
- The name of the website or URL that will be promoted to promote the website, insert link
- Type of product or service
- Pictures of 1-2 products or services
- Articles about products 300-500 words
- Name, Phone number, E-mail address (can not be added)

** When the work is finished, you will receive a report of all the web listings that we have posted for you **

Interested please contact at>>slotxo
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